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<transcy>PREMIUM EVOO 500ml - Early Harvest</transcy>

PREMIUM EVOO 500ml - Early Harvest

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On October 16th, we harvested the olives that made our Green EVOO and took them to the oil mill. In the mill they extract oil from our olives solely by mechanical means and at room temperature, never adding heat as it can jeopradize the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the oil. Our Green EVOO was made at around 17˚C.

After an analysis and a tasting, the classification of our oil is "Extra Virgin" with a 0.21˚ acidity presenting a fruity intensity of 5.3.

The day we harvested the olives, we carefully selected the trees with the fruits at their optimum stage of maturity to obtain the best quality oil possible. Because our olive grove has a great diversity of varieties, our Green EVOO is a coupage of three varieties; Changlot Real, Cuquillo and Cornicabra.

The Changlot Real variety produces very balanced oils from the intense fruity series, with soft aromatic notes of apple, artichoke and tomato, followed by bitter and spicy flavors of medium intensity that give the oil character.

The Cuquillo variety is usually used to make a robust oil, with a good presence of spicy and bitter flavors, very stable, providing a velvety and silky tone in the mouth.

The Cornicabra variety has a powerful olive fruitiness and pleasant hints of tomato in the nose; while in the mouth it provides a medium spiciness and bitterness.